Welcome to

Connect @5

Church Service is on every Saturday at 5pm.

The english congregation launched an additional service on Saturday starting on 07/07/07 (triple-07). The contemporary service is branded as connect@5 which is targeted at non traditionalists who cannot attend church on Sunday. 

Connect@5 is about helping people to connect to God spiritually, with one another in a healthy relationship and to the world through service. It is all about reaching out, touching lives and transforming values under the power of God. The goal of the service is to see lives transformed. 

Through Connect@5, we hope the congregation will grow a new mindset, a new heart-set and hand-set which exemplify Christ. Through the pulpit teaching and x’pressoul (buzz group interaction), we hope to see a transformation in our spiritual growth which impacts our marriages, our family lives and personal development. 

Before the service, coffee and donuts are served at the connect café which opens at 4.00 pm. This is a great opportunity to get to know more people. On every fourth Saturday of the month, we have a fellowship dinner for all worshippers. 

All are welcome to join this time of fellowship. 

The theme for both the Connect@5 and PaceSetter Services for 2016 and 2017 is “Build and Restore” based on Isaiah 61:1-11. Over the many months in 2015, God has been speaking to the leadership in various ways which eventually leads to the crystalizing of this theme. Therefore in these 2 years, we are believing God in 3 aspects of the theme “Build and Restore”:

1. God will build and restore our lives

We can be transformed and restored to be “oaks of righteousness”, glorifying Him because of the works of Christ (Isa 61:1-3). Through the pulpit messages, prayers, activities and events of the church, we are trusting God that all areas of our lives will be built up and established. These areas may be in the scope of personal, family, career and beyond. Likewise while some of us may not have an encouraging year thus far, we are confident that God can do a work of restoration in our lives. Therefore, the theme reminds us of this expectation we have in God.

2.   God will use us to build and restore others

And as we are built up and restored, we are also to build and restore others. We are to be priests and ministers to others (Isa 61:4,6). God will lead and guide you to impact lives and touch others positively. Be sensitive to His Spirit and be bold to build and restore lives. Also, do stay tune to some of the projects and programs that we are laying out for you. This will be helpful in equipping you to build and restore someone else.

3.   God will use us to build the church

As we embark on this theme of build and restore together as a church, we believe that God will build this church for His glory. We want to invite you to believe together, pray together and labor together with the leadership team. Every one of us is created uniquely by God with talents and gifts in us. Therefore, everyone has a special role in this building project with a different role but the same objective. Speak to the leadership regarding this.


Come, let us join our hearts and hands together in this building and restoring project.