PacesetterS 1030

Welcome to our 10:30am Sunday Service.

We are glad to invite you to be a part of this family. Yes, this is our distinctiveness – we are a FAMILY church. As we come weekly to celebrate God’s grace for us in Christ, we see this as a place of FUN, FELLOWSHIP and FAITH.

We like you to come and join in this FUN with this community of God’s children. We have our very own “Kampong Lunch”, our family day, soccer amongst the adults and games organised by the youth and joined in by the adults (cycling, car race, captain’s ball…).

At times we may find it difficult for a believer to face life’s challenges alone. We believe God has called this family to extend our FELLOWSHIP to you. If you are alone in Singapore and away from your family, let us come alongside you as your friend. Most of us are in life-groups where we encourage one another when we are down or discouraged. Strong fellowship undergirded by sincere friendship helps us to journey through life not as a lonely sojourner but a victorious believer together with our friends. Maybe you are looking for a friend to talk to and this can be your watering hole.

We believe in the Great commandment to be that lighthouse for Christ to the world as well as to love God and our fellow-men. Building our FAITH up and growing to be more Christ-like is what we want to do here in our service. We have a strong mentoring process to nurture our leaders as well as to build up our members in the word of God. Even the little children are firmly grounded in their faith by their “uncles” and “aunties” here.

Is there more ?

…yes, of course and we like you to see it for yourself. Mark out this Sunday and celebrate God’s goodness with us, in this Family.

Pre-Service Prayer Meeting

Please take note that there is a pre-service prayer meeting from 9.30am to 10.15am every Sunday at Level 5, Room 1. Do join us & experience the power of Prayer.